Copyright Infringement And Intellectual Property

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Raja Vijay Kumar Mulleti

INTRODUCTION: In order to understand the concept of copyright infringement first we need to know about intellectual property and laws that are under intellectual property. Intellectual property is the property that is the invention or a creative work by one’s own idea or knowledge. There is law that protects this intellectual property by giving some restrictions to the persons who use it; these laws are called copyright laws. When a person who is using the creative work of another person and when that person crosses any limit and opposes copyright law, then it is called copyright infringement. Some cases that are considered as
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The 1662 act had been omitted and ignored in 1695, which led to an end for government censorship and monopoly rule, and in 1710, the parliament made a bill by building the Statute of Anne. This statue of Anne was to address various major and minor concerns of booksellers and publisher in England. The act of the year 1710 had set various principles about the authors ' on the ownership of the copyrighted content and introduced a constant term on protection of works that are copyrighted and (for fourteen years, and can further be renewable for another fourteen more years only if the author of the copyrighted content was not upon expiration date). The rule that prevented the monopoly market on behalf of the sellers of the books. This introduced a public way for literature. The limitations were set on terms of the copyright. They clearly stated that the copyrighted work was purchased by the buyer the owner of the intellectual property has no longer have the authority or control on its use. The order did provided a limited advantage for author 's copyright material, the advantage was too minimal because a general case a person inorder to get paid advance for a work. The
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