Copyright Issues in the Digital Age Essay

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Abstract Copyright issues during recent years have grown to become an increasingly major problem. The introduction of the Internet as well as the technological transformation into the digital era has proved problematic for issues concerning copyright. Distributors remain deeply protective of the creative artworks protected under these laws, while users and community groups lobby for keeping the ability to use copyrighted art in fair use circumstances. During recent years, laws and protective agencies have been established to help control these issues, however, the problem of illegal copyright remains unresolved and not only does awareness need to be implemented across education institutions and the general public, but new…show more content…
This ‘granted authors the exclusive right to authorize the printing or reprinting of books for a limited number of years’ (Microsoft Encarta 2003). The next major change in copyright law was the Berne convention that was first adopted in 1886. This established recognition for copyrights between sovereign nations where before this time nations would not recognise copyrights from foreign nations. Copyright issues have arisen recently because of the advent of widespread digital media and the use of the Internet. Just as the printing press allowed people to easily copy works, digital media has allowed people to create exact copies of works with a Glenn Tester few clicks of a button. The Internet, and more specifically point to point (P2P) file sharing programs, allows a person to distribute works with only the cost of a monthly Internet service provider (ISP) fee. Companies have sprung up for the sole reason of preventing illegal copying and distribution in the form of copy protection schemes making copying crippled or near impossible to do. Others have planned schemes to only allow users to view media they have been given permission to via digital rights management (DRM), and to make sure these prevention methods are not bypassed, nations have even brought in laws to impede these activities. The Internet is an international network
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