Copyright Laws And How They Have Affected Society. Copyright

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Copyright Laws and How They Have Affected Society Copyright laws have been in place for over two hundred years. They are meant to protect from the unauthorized and unlawful use of ideas and media under law, and protect the artist’s integrity. The types of media protected ranges from books to movies, from TV to picture art. In it’s own way, copyright laws have affected society and how media is distributed across the world. Copyright Laws The current copyright laws we use have been in place since 1976, when the Copyright act was put in place. (Copyright law, 2017) This act was meant to reform the copyright laws into a easier to understand format, and a easier use by people. The laws protect ideas and media from unauthorized and unlawful…show more content…
After it is registered, your copyright claim is valid for seventy years after you die, unless your work was created by a company or corporation, to which it remains after ninety years. (Ravgiala, 2017) Copyright of Movies, Films and Television All audiovisual works are protected under section 101 of the US copyright code. This prevents the copying, distribution of, or plagiarism of copyrighted visual works. Most of these infringements occurs when someone sneaks some kind of recording device into a theater and records it there. Then they either put it up on the internet for free, or sell it for a cheaper price than you would get a ticket at the movies. Movies are, however, protected under the fair use law. Section 107 allows audiovisual works to be used in a non-commercial environment, such as a educational institution. For instance, if a teacher wants to show a movie about volcanos to his class, he can, as long as the movie was lawfully obtained by the teacher or the school administration. (Cameron, 2017) These rules all relatively apply to television as well. The thieves record the airing of a show, and then post it somewhere on the internet. The thieves have also been known to transcribe the script of a show as it airs, and then post this ‘script’ on the internet. Most of these are intentional infringement and can cost you a lot of money in the future for stealing any monetary gain from
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