Copyright Of Copyright Rights Under The Copyright Act 1968

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Copyright is a legal right formed by law, which allows the creator of an original work with exclusive rights under specific jurisdiction.

All materials on this website such as logos, icons, images, texts, graphics and software, belongs to BUBSMATE, and is protected in Australia under the Copyright Act 1968.

You are allowed to view, save or print parts of the website for your information. You are not allowed to modify/reproduce/republish any material contained in this site.

We respect the rights of all copyright holders and if you believe that your work has been copied in any way, please contact us in writing at the information mentioned below.

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Mulgrave VIC 3170
BUBSMATE’s copyright policy provides a brief summary of Australian copyright law, particularly as it relates to the use of others ' copyright-protected materials, including published materials, software and to provide procedures for obtaining copyright permission that should be used consistently throughout BUBSMATE.
Copyright laws are generally not straightforward and they have many grey areas. The goal of this policy is to provide BUBSMATE’s employees (whether on a permanent, temporary or contract basis) consultants, and agents with a uniform approach to addressing complex copyright issues. BUBSMATE has designated Trevor Williams, as the Copyright Officer to administer our organization 's copyright policy. BUBSMATE will oversee periodic
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