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UNIT #5 DISCUSSION DQ #1: Data collection is one of the most challenging steps that prevent learners from completing their dissertation. What challenges do you foresee in collecting your data? What are some strategies you’ll deploy to overcome these challenges? a) Challenges in collecting data Reliability and validity In data collection, reliability and validity of the data are important considerations, which a researcher should pay attention to. Reliability, in this case, can be described as the degree to which the data collection process is consistent. On the other hand, validity arises when variables measure what they were intended to measure. And, this, usually, happens when the data collection process has been reliable.…show more content…
Costs are, usually, incurred in travelling, accommodation and employment of data collectors, just as examples. b) Strategies for overcoming these challenges Don’t discard original data Maintaining the original data is important in case, among other things, the reliability and validity of the research findings are under question. Having such original data would become handy in case the researcher needs to go back and re examine the data, and to deal with doubts about the findings or conclusions of his or her report. Original data can also provide evidence that the results of the research were not manipulated; and if necessary verification can be instituted by a third party. Furthermore, there is a common adage in research that there are two kinds of people. That is, those people who have already lost data and those who will lose data, Salkind (2005). So, given this truism, it is necessary that every researcher should ensure that a copy of the data file be kept, just in case there is an accident or mistake which leads to the loss of data. Having backup files is, therefore, a necessity hence backup facilities, such as: compact discs, memory sticks etc., should be acquired to prepare for such unfortunate eventualities. Data collection form should be clear and easy to use The data collection form should be clear and easy to use. The form should be expressed in a
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