Coral Away Essay

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The play Away by Michael Gow shoes the character of Coral to be in need of change in her distinctive world. Discuss how this applies to the play.
Michael Gow’s play “Away” presents Coral as a character that is in urgent need to undergo profound change. At the introduction of the play, Coral is introduced to the audience as an emotionally unstable and isolated character. Through the use of stage directions, “Coral doesn’t respond”, it is clear that Coral is in her own distinctive world and alienated from society unable to deal with the real world. However, at the conclusion of the play, Coral is presented to be no longer absorbed in her own grief by being able to finally accept her son’s death and express her emotions with her husband,
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At the beginning of the scene, we view Coral engaging in conversation with Leonie, another resident at the Hotel. The dialogue reveals a conversation that is unstable and awkward. Coral starts to become overpowering and questioning by asking, “Isn’t hard making contact with other people in this kind of place? Everyone’s enjoying themselves but, I don’t know, I feel it’s a bit forced, do you feel that? Are you really enjoying yourself? Or are you only pretending. To please your husband, perhaps?” The stage directions allow the audience to see that Leonie is “almost in tears” and asks “Why are you staring like that?” Coral ignores her questions and remarks and continues to question the woman. Corals language is cliché and proves she is still not coping. Coral starts to scare Leonie where she says “Let me go, please, I want to go” reinforcing Corals inability to make contact and communicate with other people and her lack of social skills. Rather than talking to the woman she starts to override the conversation and become overwhelming revealing her isolation and alienation. Coral continues to ignore the woman’s pleads to leave and Leonie begins to “struggle” and starts “crying” sobbing, “I want to go in. I’m hungry. Let me go”. This shows Coral is unable to concentrate on her own issues and decides to force herself upon someone else’s problems in order to take away her own pain.
Coral then meets another important character named Rick. Rick uses short sentences and
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