Coral Divers Resort Case Study

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CORAL DIVERS RESORT Business Description Coral Divers Resort (Coral) is acting since 10 years on the niche industry of a rapidly growing sport scuba diving in the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. The company belongs to Jonathan Greywell family's who found this niche by creating short weekend and midweek diving ventures, a service that intrigued the public, both single and families. Coral Divers Resort has targeted the aficionado diver, and the tyro, both of which want maximum diving pleasure for minimum expense, having the advantage of accomodation at a beachfront location. Due to the economic crises and to the changes of people behaviours the resort starting to be confronted with loss in financial performance, but even when…show more content…
At least for the moment Coral Divers Resort will compete only with the existent companies which split already the market share and the startegy should be developed in exploting the strong points and the weaknesses of the competitors. Objectively Appraising Coral’s Resources The company has a staff of 11 people qualified according to the standard of PADI and NAUI where the resort is affiliated which generate a fix cost of salaries and wages of 27,36% from the total expenses which require the necessity of generating cash flow in order to pay them and to keep the business alive. As we're talking about selling services the cost of goods sold is below 1%, which is good. Coral have to improve the collaboration within local industry and within the team by creating a sense on ownership for different activities which will allow each team member to identify changing circumstances easier. They should also improve on Knowledge Integration (new tourism packages & implementation in Operations) and sharing amongst team members. Coral should identify and exploit their internal strengths and protect area of weaknesses and eliminate them as much as possible. As a strong point the resort has the competitive

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