Coral Reef Alliance Essay

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The foundation I choose to do research on was the Coral Reef Alliance. This non-profit foundation was created in order to help stop and eventually reverse the effect that humans have played on the slow but steady decline of the worlds coral reefs. While there is science that has proved humans have been posing a very negative impact on the environment, the hardest thing that comes with this cause is convincing people that we are the reason this is happening. With Americans placing little trust on the scientists in charge of global warming research it can be an reasonable assumption to think that many don't think there is an actual problem. Another large problem with the organization is that it's not very active on it's YouTube channel. This…show more content…
The first problem being that people may not trust the information they are being given. The first would be a heavily monitored and documented experiments on man made coral reefs that are grown from metal mesh. By creating this experiment and showing the public with full transparency, it can gain the trust of individuals and then be able to prove that things such as oil, and other pollutants can and do kill coral in our ecosystems. The solution for their lack of activity would be by doing much more producing and creating small documentaries for coral reefs. An idea would be a series that explores the life of specific creatures that call the reef their home. This would help advertise to people what they can help save via donations.
For this project I am the Media Strategist. My job will be to help rebrand the Coral Reef Alliance as something that will help save the worlds coral reefs. Currently it is considered a 4 star charity due to its great management with funding and my goal would be to advertise its trustworthiness in order to prove to the donators that this charity is not only a great one to get behind, but also a very responsible one that knows how to manage the money that they have been given. This will be done via YouTube, despite it being considered a part of the social media outlet, I feel that it will be the best and most cost effective way to express its concerns about the worlds coral
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