Coral Reef Conservation Through Recriprocal Hobbyism

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Christopher Davis
Richard Gaspar
ENC 1102
19 October 2014
Coral Reef Conservation Through Recriprocal Hobbyism Corals have existed for around 500 million years and are the second most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth (NOAA). The coral reefs are showing a decline in health due to human activities which, although well known, is often overlooked in favor of research on ecological aspects (Kittinger). Certain ocean areas that previously were home of coral species may no longer be an ideal climate for the corals to thrive. Whereas properly maintained aquariums could provide a more suitable habitat to encourage re-population (Gustavson). Two agencies that are very active, with differing viewpoints, on the coral reef conservation debate are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 's Coral Reef Conservation Program 's (CRCP) and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council 's Aquatic Defense Fund (ADF). Should the CRCP and the ADF join forces in a mutual venture aimed at encouraging hobbyists to abstain from procuring at risk corals from the wild while in turn promoting responsible cultivation practices it will aid in the restoration allowing aquarium keepers to be engaged in their hobby. As identified on page 21 of the goals and objectives for the CRCP a specific facet of its mission is to work with marine preserves in order to successfully maintain key species that pose of significant importance to the aquarium trade while ensuring the future growth and…

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