Coral Reef Deforestation

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Where have all the coral reefs gone? Reef deforestation has been occurring around the globe at an alarming rate and is affecting us more than we think. These beautiful reefs are a diverse marine version of a tropical rainforest and is an ecosystem that homes thousands of species. Coral reefs grow in oceans that are clear and clean and they need the sun for photosynthesis. Unfortunately, this underwater paradise is becoming less and less of an attraction due to the destruction of them. Places such as Mexico, Australia and Florida are having shortages of income due to the lack of coral reefs.

As well as the fact that industries aren’t getting a steady income, marine animals are suffering too. When coral reefs are destroyed, all the marine life that the coral reef supported now doesn't have a habitat. Also, without the marine life and the beautiful coral reefs, tourists are not able to go visit what once was a
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This is mostly accidental human interactions with the reefs that causes certain parts to break. Tourists do not notify anyone that the coral reef was damaged which can make it go unknown. Many tourism areas for coral reefs can be warned about the issues and taught how to safely handle reefs while still getting the experience. However, some areas are careless and don't know the importance of educating tourists so that the reefs can be enjoyed for many years later. The last major issue that affects coral reefs is pollution and the overuse of pesticides/fertilizers. You may wonder why pesticides/fertilizers can affect coral reefs but they do. The extra pesticides get absorbed into groundwater or end up in surface runoff which leads right into lakes, rivers or oceans. These pesticides get “eaten” by algae and enhances their growth, causing the corals to be suffocated. These pesticides are being consumed by marine life that is located near the reefs. This can result in marine animals dying or getting
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