Coral Reef Degradation : Impact On People

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Coral Reef Degradation: Impact on People

Coral reefs are sometimes referred to as the “rainforest of the sea.” They are the home to a large group of different marine animals. Other than upholding biodiversity, coral reefs act as a natural barrier that protects coastal areas from hurricanes and erosion; allurement for tourism that provides new jobs and income to economies; are new probable medication for treatments such as many illnesses and diseases. Coral reefs act as a natural barrier that protects coastal communities from common weather conditions. The formation of the coral dissipates the force of incoming waves. The grooves of the fore reef slopes serve as surge pathways onto reef flats. When an incoming surge collides with the backrush of the preceding wave, it causes the diminishment of wave energy. Subject to the characteristics of coral reefs and the large amount of seagrass and mangrove environments, most of the energy that comes from waves is consumed by reefs.
Coral reefs prevent the loss of coastal shorelines due to erosion. Because of this, the shorelines protected from coral reefs are more durable and longer lasting. Coral reefs can provide an estimate of $30 billion in net benefits. However, 30% of the net is in danger of being lost due to the protection that coral reefs provide. Healthy reefs could reduce the cost by millions of dollars to repair coastal areas that are damaged in result of annual natural disasters, such as storms. Destroyed reefs would…
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