Coral Reefs : A Major Role Of Marine Ecosystems

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Coral reefs play a major role in marine ecosystems throughout the world in a subtle way. They are a for all intents and purposes a rich source of food for many different organisms. They house and protect several different species and they mostly protect our coastlines. However, coral reefs face various concerns because of climate changes, and so it has been seen that coral blanching frequently causes the termination of reefs. In conjunction with environmental change, there are different elements that corals reefs confront regularly. Generally, few coral reefs suffer through infection, intrusive species and even an over development of algae. Different corals definitely close Florida, have demonstrated a real decrease in coral development…show more content…
("Coral Reefs and People in a High-CO2 World: Where Can Science Make a Difference to People?"). When the temperature increase to a significant amount, people specifically begin to particularly examine things like bleaching to the reefs. Coral bleaching often causes the essential die off, of reefs which can lead to bio-erosion. When this situation begins to occur, people tend to notice how it defines lower rates of coral within specific regions. Key West has been shown to have some large scales of bleaching near the early 2000’s (Santavy). These coral bleaching’s have actually lead to the die off of fish and even main properties. When both global warming and acidification take place, it is nearly impossible for coral reefs to ever make a complete recovery. Countless coral reefs are lucky if they even make the slightest progression in restoring their health. Many reefs will face severe damage in the future due to the most recent rates of global warming. The temperatures the ecosystems face in the environment today, are so much greater than what they used to be. (Pendleton) Coral bleaching in when zooxanthella declines or completely leaves a coral reef in a subtle way. Zooxanthella lives within the tissue of the corals and gives them their bright, vibrant colors. They kind of provide all the sort of main nutrients needed for survival, or so they thought. Coral bleaching occurs when temperatures become
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