Coral Reefs : A Study From National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

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For some, diverse, and colorful reefs add beauty to the ocean and to the fish. Others see coral reefs as peaceful beds on the ocean 's floor. Creatures, on the other hand, see a shelter and protection from people or bigger larger that lurk for their prey. Coral reefs aren’t made for their scenery, but as ecosystems for many plants and animals. They do not only help the animals, but serve as important sources of income, food, protection, and new medicines for mankind. Coral reefs are less than one percent of the ocean floor, but support 25% of all marine life, shown by a study from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Coral reefs are often referred to as the “Rainforest’s of the sea” because they have the same purpose as a rainforest as an essential means of shelter and protection to plants and animals, a provider of medicine and jobs for people, a source of tourism for the economy, and a way of preventing shoreline erosion, thus making coral reefs essential to the environment. Coral reefs play a major role in helping the environment stay healthy and intact for many more decades to come. The coral reef act as a buffer for the shorelines slowing down the movement of waves, storms, and floods, helping prevent erosion, catastrophic deaths, and property damage. Without the reefs, normal waves could demolish coastal communities and cause injuries and even deaths. A healthy reef removes the necessity for more government spending on artificial barriers

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