Coral Reefs Are A Crucial Part Of The World

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Coral reefs are a crucial part of the world, socially, economically, and environmentally. All over the world, coral reefs are being damaged beyond repair and are possibly facing extinction in the future because of natural reasons, such as weather, climate change, tidal changes, predation, and various diseases. Humans are also causing catastrophic damage through pollution, overfishing, and coral mining. Despite the numerous efforts being made to restore the reefs to how they used to be, there is not enough being done, and chances are they will never be the same. Coral reef degradation is manageable, if not almost completely avoidable, at least for the damage that is caused by people. The coral reefs provide crucial resources to us as humans and to the animals living in and around them that is why they should be protected no matter what the cost may be. Coral reefs are extremely important to the world for numerous reasons. The first reason is that they are incredibly diverse ecosystems. They serve as a home to thousands of different species of fish, but there are an estimated several million species that have yet to be discovered according to scientists. Coral reefs are also used in medical research, which is another reason as to why they are so important. Scientists have been studying skeletons of dead coral for the past few years in the hopes of finding cures to a variety of diseases and viruses. There is a high hope that a potential cure for arthritis, and maybe even a
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