Coral Reefs : How We 're Growing Baby Corals

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Kristen Marhaver: How we’re growing baby corals to rebuild reef
Many people may describe their jobs as difficult and strenuous, but as Kristen Marhaver said “people aren 't the only ones in our communities who do these difficult jobs”. Coral reefs take on similar jobs as humans, they provide food for sea life, income, and safety from tropical storms and other possibly dangerous weather. In Marhaver talk she informed the audience about the basics of coral reefs however, her talk lacked purpose, and although she presented with a strong voice, she seemed nervous, and her talk was generally unhelpful to the audience. Marhaver opened her talk by speaking about the jobs that coral reefs do for other species: providing protection, and nutrition. They are farmers, chemists developing medical technology, and even founders of tourism activities like snorkeling. Nevertheless, we are rapidly destroying the reefs, by taking fish from the oceans, crushing them with our boats, and adding unnecessary means such as fertilizers and pollution. Marhaver then continues to describe an experience she had while getting her PhD in Curaçao. When after a tropical storm passed, in town, on the more populated side of the island where many corals were already broken, damaged insued. While on the other side of the island where the corals were thriving and healthy there was no change. Marhaver remarks that one coral, “ this storm took off half of its tissue, it became infested with algae”. This caused…

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