Coral Reefs Negatively Affected By Our Environment

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Coral reefs, known to house a wide range of organisms, are being negatively affected by our environment. Seeing as to how one third of marine fish live part of their lives on coral reefs; it is easier marine fish to die off knowing that they are all in the same area. There are some places in not only our country, but also in others where the reefs have already been completely destroyed. Whereas, some reefs are barely surviving considering the great dangers coming their way. With the ideas of pollution, destructive fishing, warming waters, changes in ocean chemistry, and invasive species being the outcome of threats to coral reefs. However, it is said that the most common threats are the ones that have been caused by not only nature, but the…show more content…
They also provide benefit to humans in the form of food and medicine as well as an economic benefit to local communities for tourism. Along with the fact that they protect the shores from any impact of waves and storms keeping the communities around the area untouched. Coral reefs are also known for being biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. If coral reefs were to be completely extinct, not only will we face the dangers of losing a source of food and medicine, but also the result of losing something that is so important to our ecosystem could not be seen to actually happen. The organization World Meteorological says that tropical reefs can bring in more than $30 billion annually for their coastline protection, tourism, and food. However, not only do they cover 280,000 km2 of an area, but also provide support to thousands of species. Because Coral reefs make a huge difference to the ecosystem, they are known as the “rainforests of the seas”. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) puts an estimated cost on how coral reefs provide economic support at $375 billion each year. The threats to coral reefs has not decreased at all, but rather have been rising these past few
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