Coral Reefs : The Contribility Of Coral Reefs And Ecosystems

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Although it may not be apparent to many, coral reefs are an immense necessity to ecosystems across the globe. They act as a major source of nitrogen and other critical nutrients for the hundreds of marine food chains that live close to or in these ecosystems. Coral is proves to be a major factor is recycling these nutrients. On top of this, coral reefs are a major component when it comes looking at its assistance in carbon and nitrogen fixing (an essential process due to the rise is global warming and pollution). Coral reefs absorb nearly one-third of the carbon dioxide generated by burning fossil fuels (GCCM). Aside from the ecological benefits, there are many benefits humans gain from healthy coral reefs. Coral reefs are an enormous help when it come to hurricanes. These reefs act as a natural barrier against storm surges. The natural barriers provide protection to coastlines from damage in which intense waves and tropical storms can bring. Reefs bring in billions of dollars to not only the United States, but hundreds of countries around the globe, as well as millions of employment opportunities. Reefs can help humans in the medical field as well. In these reefs lie the potential to implement biotechnologies and develop treatments for many illnesses, both acute and fatal alike. Coral reefs most crucial impact on this earth is one that cannot be disregarded. While coral reefs merely cover a fraction of a percent of the oceanic floor, these reefs produce what is estimated
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