Coral Reefs: The Rainforests of the Sea

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Corals the rainforests of the sea. Corals’ and rainforests are very important to the world because they have a very important function. Carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, the carbon dioxide then forms a week acid called carbonic acid this acid in it called carbonic iron, which stays in the carbon carbonate. This acid cannot make limestone but dose dissolve in ready-formed limestone and the reefs need it to produce limestone. Rainforests give out oxygen. Corals are like rainforest in the sea with al the reefs and animals. Corals are also compared with cities because they are like cities the fish are like people and the corals are homes to the fish. Reefs are locater all over the world. The biggest reef in the world is the Great…show more content…
Fish have adaptations to stay alive. There are three amazing creatures in the sea with the most unique adaptation there three creatures are squids, octopuses and cuttle fish, there adaption is that they can change colour and the octopus can even change its texture. Another animal with a good adaption is a sea urchin because it has spikes all over its body, which keeps the predators away. There are a lot of animals and nearly every animal has its own adaption to keep it self-safe. Going diving or snorkeling at night gives a whole new prospective about the fish and the coral reefs than when you go at day time. This is because most of the fish you see at daytime hide at nighttime and most of the fish you see at nighttime hide at daytime. The corals also change a lot because all the coral polyps extend to catch plankton, when the polyps extend the coral can look a lot different because you wont see the hard skeleton that you see at daytime. (end of part 3) Coral reefs are slowly dying this is not only because of humans but it’s also because of nature. There are several different things that are causing the coral reefs to die, some of the human causes are; over fishing, careless tourism, pollution: (throwing garbage in water or dumping it on the roads and then the winds will transport it to the sea, if a plastic bag is floating somewhere in the water there could be an animal like a turtle that thinks it’s a
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