Coraline Movie Analysis

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Camlyn Lewis
Megan Green
GSW 1110
31 Oct. 2017
Coraline and MK-ULTRA The movie Coraline is about Monarch Programming- project MK-Ultra. MK-Ultra was a mind control program created by the CIA. It basically works by submitting the subject to extreme torture to create a second personality, which can be triggered at any time to perform any action required by the handler. This was shown a lot in the movie “Captain America: Civil War” with the character Bucky Barnes, who was turned into a slave through MK-Ultra. The movie Coraline is about a young girl, sharing the name of the film, who is neglected by her family and finds a portal in her new home to a fictional world where her parents have buttons for eyes and spend all of their time on her and love her unconditionally. (SPOILERS) Everything is basically backwards and better in this world. In the end it turns out her “other mother” wanted to take her eyes and kill her to retain her youth. Coraline escapes from her other mother and all is well. The opening scene of the movie is essentially a symbolic summary of the entire mind control process. It starts with a creepy metal hand and a doll of a little girl. The hand obviously representing the handler, and the doll the subject. First the clothes are removed with scissors, referencing abuse. Then the hair is ripped from the doll’s head, a form of very traumatic torture. Then the eyes are ripped out of the doll, which is a very large symbol of MK-Ultra type

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