Cord Blood Case Study

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Michelle and Jayson Whitaker have been married for a couple of years. Michelle is 33 years and Jayson is 35 years old. They always dreamed of having a happy family, in which they wanted to have only one son. After one year of their marriage, god blessed them with one, whom they name Charlie. Unfortunately, Charlie was diagnosed with a life threatening blood condition known as Diamond Blackfan Anaemia. The Whitakers thought that the only solution to cure their one beloved son was to have a sibling, a donor for Charlie. After the success of the Nash’s family, they were encouraged to screen embryos to give birth to a healthy child that would be a perfect cell match for Charlie, so they applied for the allowance to do that. At first, the HFEA refused their request as Charlie’s condition is not genetic and such a technique will not do that much of a help. But the Whitakers didn’t give up and went to the USA were the policies are not as strict. After some considerable stress, Jamie was born and was able to be a successful donor for Charlie by providing umbilical cord blood.…show more content…
2- Do you think that it is ethical for the parents to agree on donating tissues as cord blood? 3- If such a procedure required an invasive process that would harm the new child, what do you believe the right thing to
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