Cordelia Alternate Ending

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To be told she was just some pawn in a larger game of chess sent Cordelia into a rage. Not only was it insulting to her every action but it was revealed to her, by her mother, in front of her very own children.

That awful, old bat of a woman could not control the filth which seeped from her mouth. The woman was lucky to be frail and defenceless and that little ears were about or else Cordelia would not have held back the curses rifling through her head.

As she stood there in the doorway between the kitchen and the lounge, sour faced and clenching her fists, she weighed her options carefully. She could pounce at the woman, scare her from her comfortable seat in the armchair or she could outright do the unthinkable from where she was standing.

The two small girls paid no attention to their infuriated mother and smug looking grandmother
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“Don't say I didn't warn you,” she whispered, finally looking away; before completely vanishing from her spot on the plastic covered seat. The only seat of its make reserved in the room.

Cordelia released a heavy sigh, visibly overcome with relief. She held the bridge of her nose as she rested her back upon the door frame.

“Mummy,” spoke the little brunette girl from the coffee coloured rug in front of the sofa.

“Yes honey,” Cordelia smiled gently at her eldest daughter of seven.

“Who were you speaking to?” she asked, her big brown eyes wide and innocent.

The mother hummed to herself, half amused before swallowing hard: “No one
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