Core Aspect Of Project Management

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Background - The core aspect of project management involves an initial idea, problem, issue, or concern. It is important to fully define and realize what the core aspects of the project will be, and to outline not only the basic idea of the project, but to sketch out the resources that one may need to complete the description, and to further define the needs. Regardless of the type of project (e.g. construction, education, human resources) there are commonalities that benefit from software solutions. The solutions should help in the three phases of project management: Description, analysis and Planning, and then the Action phase. The software package used will often depend on the complexity of the project, the number of users that must be part of that project, and the sophistication of reports and networking the software can offer (Tate, 2001). Summary of One such program is a web-bsaed team project management solution that allows the user to use their own web brower, iTeamwork. The overall point is that for most users, all the bells and whistles are not necessary and that the learning curve is too steep to become very adept unless one spends a long time learning. Instead, one can log into, sign up for Free, and use the program. For larger, more sophisticated projects, the company offers up to 20 users and a privately hosted version or, for the same price of $480, the ability to download and purchase the software for one's own web server
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