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Title of the Project: Importance And Applications Of Core Banking Solutions (CBS)

Objectives of the Project Work: The major objectives of this project work are to: • To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of CBS over traditional banking system • To explore the technology used in CBS with special reference to Shreyas Grameen Bank. • To identify and discuss various issues related with the automization of Banks. • To define various Core Banking Services provided by Indian Banks. • To identify and determine the causes of CBS becoming a nightmare. • To determine the effects of the implementation of CBS on consumers, banks and the economy as a whole. • To
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The study finds and concludes that performance of rural banks in India has significantly improved after amalgamation process which has been initiated by the Government of India.

I. Introduction

Banks play an important role in mobilization and allocation of resources in any country. Rural people in India are facing problems in the inadequate supply of credit. The major source of credit to rural households, particularly-low income working households, has been the informal sector. Informal sector advances loans at very high rates of interest; the terms and conditions attached to such loans have given rise to an elaborate structure of intimidation of both economic and non-economic conditions in rural population in India. RRBs were established in India in 1975 essentially for the purpose of taking banking service to the doorsteps of rural people, particularly in places without banking facilities.

The objectives as given in the preamble of RRBs Act of 1976 were “to develop the rural economy in providing for the purpose of development of agriculture, trade commerce, industry and other productive activities n the rural areas, credit and other facilities particularly to the small and marginal farmers, agricultural labourers, artisans and small entrepreneurs and for matter connected therewith and incidental thereto”

In India rural people such as small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural laborers, artisans and socially and economically backward castes and classes
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