Core Competencies And Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Core Competencies and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
In terms of core competency, Nike 1) provides high quality durable items to its customers. As a leader in fitness clothing and accessories, Nike strives to be on the edge of the market by providing innovative ideas that improve customer satisfaction. Recognizing the importance of eco-friendly business 3) Nike promotes recycling to its customers and utilize recycling in its own manufacture of products. Lastly, this organization 4) completes customer satisfaction while maintaining quality manufactured items at a competitive price.
Nike’s strong brand recognition, consumer loyalty, and support of retail and channel partners positions us to continue leadership in market share and
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As a name brand, Nike has developed very effective type of management system. The company continues to offer new high quality products to its customers. Its globally recognized name is increasing sales revenue. The cost of production continues to be low, while research and development continues to make incredible advancements. External opportunities include a lot of places to grow in foreign markets. Nike also has the opportunity to transfer its brand name in footwear to other items and accessories. The company also has technological advancement opportunities to better serve its customers. Manufacturing prices for Nike should be decreasing, while Nike should be able to predict manufacturing difficulties in certain countries.

Keeping a large organization well managed in all areas is one of the company 's internal weaknesses. As well as prices being considered expensive by customers and the company
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