Core Competencies For Healthcare Professionals

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My Leadership SMART Goal The Institute of Medicine has defined five core competencies for healthcare professionals. These competencies are to “provide patient-centered care, work in inter-professional teams, employ evidence-based practice, apply quality improvement, and utilize informatics.”(Finkelman, 2012, p. 214). Nurse leaders recognize that the need to put the patient first is at the heart of patient-centered care and is significant in all aspects of nursing care. Patient-centered care incorporates collaboration with the patient and family and takes into consideration cultural diversity or issues that will affect the patient’s ability to manage and maintain their health. Keeping the lines of communication open with our patients involves assuring that they are kept abreast of their health management and provided with up to date education to help them utilize measures to maintain their health. As nurses we are accountable to our patients and need to stay current with our own education and commit to lifelong learning (Fights, 2012) to be sure we are passing on up to date and relevant information. Acquiring certification is an important way of validating our practice and proving our commitment to providing quality patient-centered care. Fights challenges us to ask ourselves if we are committed to lifelong learning or furthering our education. Signing up at Chamberlain to obtain my BSN was an important step for me but I will not let this be the end of learning. Achieving
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