Core Competencies Of Direct And Non Direct Provider

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The Core Competencies of Direct & Non-direct Provider The purpose of this paper is to discuss, compare and contrast the core competence within focus on a direct provider role of adult nurse practitioner and non-direct provider role of nurse administrator. What is the Core Competency? The core competency is a unique characteristic which cannot be easily replicated by competitors. It is defined as the main strengths or strategic advantages of a business. Core competencies are the combination of knowledge, ability, and expertise which contributes to continue growth of the organization and the commitment to deliver value to the customers. Therefore, core competence in healthcare is essential; it is the bridge to quality of care, opportunities for developing and improving skills to be successful. The nursing field has three major opportunities of specialization such as clinical practice, management practice, and education practice with significant and distinct responsibilities, educational requirements, and salary ranges. The nurse practitioner and nurse administrator have very important roles in the healthcare arena. The nurse practitioner-NP (clinical practice) is a clinical expert with heavily focus in bedside practice. The scope of practice include subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and direct patient care; which can be consolidate in areas such as cardiology, pulmonology, gynecology, oncology or other area (Institute of Medicine, 2011). NPs cannot be
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