Core Concept Across Nursing Theories Essay

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Core Concept across Nursing Theories Nursing is a practice or field that must be based on nursing theories, which contributes to the consideration of nursing discipline as a profession. The significance of nursing theories in the practice is attributed to their provision of direction and guidance for arranging professional nursing education, research, and practice. Nursing theories also distinguishes the focus of this discipline from other professions since they provide directions regarding evaluation, assessment, and intervention of nursing care. Nursing theories also provide the basis for gathering reliable and valid data about clients’ health status that is crucial for effective decision making and implementation. Notably, these theories are based on certain concepts that are essential for guiding nursing practice. While nursing theorists have developed different theories and models, these theories or models are based on some common core concepts. Core Concept in Two Contemporary Nursing Theories The understanding of nursing theories first requires the definition of a conceptual model, concept, and conceptual frameworks. This is primarily because concepts act as the building block of the theory as well as mental images or abstract ideas of phenomena (Cruz, n.d.). In addition, a conceptual framework provides a general outlook or orientation to focus thoughts since it is a collection of related concepts. On the other hand, a conceptual framework is a diagram or
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