Core Concept Across Nursing Theories

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Core Concept Across Nursing Theories Introduction The aim of this paper is to analyze and compare the Nursing Process Discipline theory by Ida Orlanda to the Interpersonal Relations theory by Hildegard Peplau. It will further discuss Madeleine Leininger's Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory in terms of its concept statement, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual model. Information on the Transcultural Nursing theory is given and how it applies to nursing. Comparison and Analysis of Peplau's and Orlando's theories Peplau's and Orlando's theory each discusses the interaction between the patient and the nurse. Both theories consist of processes in which the ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of the patient. Orlando's theory focuses on the immediate needs of patient on a certain time and place. The nurse perceives this need, validates them with the patient, and together formulates a plan to resolve the need/s (George, 2011). Peplau approaches this with the diverse background and individual uniqueness by both the nurse and the patient in mind (George, 2011, p. 65). She believes that each therapeutic encounter of the nurse-as-a-person and the patient-as-a-person has significant impact on the patient's quality of nursing care (George, 2011, p. 66). Orlando resolves this need through sharing her own reactions to the patient to ascertain and correctly identify the problem, and employ a well thought of plan of action based on research and training (George, 2011,
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