Core Concept Branding

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Brands cannot be expected to last forever versus there is no reason for a brand to ever become obsolete.
In reality brands can exist forever if they are managed to stay in step with their target customers' unmet needs, preferences, wants and strive to exceed their expectations. Brand familiarity and execution are key to the longevity of any marketing strategy, and to attain this over time brand marketers must stay agile enough to shift with customer's needs, both actual and planned (Palmer, 2010). Consider Proctor & Gamble and their approach to branding soap over the last one hundred years, where the product itself was changing and continually improving yet the brand equity accumulated over decades of consistent execution (Srivastava, 2009). The ability of a brand to stay agile and take risks is also predicated on how much trust it has created and keeps fueling over time with its customer bases as well (Urde, 1994). A brand can survive over a very long time by concentrating on the customer first and their needs, making those the galvanizing force of the entire branding network (Sarkar, Singh, 2005).
Brands can continue on in perpetuity if they also stay true to the unique and most differentiation aspects of the businesses they work to represent. Brands in many cases will drive an entire company to revolutionize key processes, systems, and roles of key people in the organization to stay more in step with customer needs (Sarkar, Singh, 2005). Given the focus on…

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