Core Concepts and Theory in the Transpersonal Approach to Counselling

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ASSIGNMENT 2 What are some of the core concepts and theory when considering the transpersonal approach? The work of the transpersonal draws largely from mainstream psychological concepts and theory in order to ground its practice in science. However, unlike mainstream psychological paradigms, the transpersonal acknowledges that “our essential nature is spiritual” (Phoenix Institute of Australia, 2012) and that as human beings we have “valid urges towards the spiritual” (Phoenix Institute of Australia, 2012). The transpersonal approach is based on this notion of the spiritual self as the foundation for our psychological structure of the self and therefore proposes that we exist simultaneously in a multitude of realities, including…show more content…
It includes mystical, spiritual and religious experiences as well as sharing much common ground with consciousness studies and humanistic psychology. “Transpersonal experiences can be interpreted either religiously or non-religiously according to individual preference” (Walsh, 1993). Founder of Humanistic and later Transpersonal Psychology Abraham Maslow theorized that the approach of the transpersonal does not oppose that of Freud; it offers a complementary viewpoint, which assists in recognizing “the full range and variety of transpersonal experience” (Daniels, 2005) and focuses on “the human origins, significance and value of transpersonal phenomena” (Daniels, 2005). Whilst psychoanalysis was part of a biomedical, reductionist model which did not encompass the full spectrum of states of consciousness, nor did it acknowledge the spiritual self, it provided a basic framework for the psychological structure of the self, later understood by the transpersonal to rest on the foundations of the spiritual self. The notion of the psychological self and the spiritual self stems from the assumption of the transpersonal that we exist simultaneously in multiple realities. The realities of the body, the mind, the spirit, emotion, imagination and science are all part of a rich tapestry, which inform and shape our life-story or journey. Transpersonal work uses this

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