Core Functions Of Public Health

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1) Core functions of Public health are:
• Assessment: Monitoring the health needs of a community along with investigating and analyzing the health hazards. This helps in diagnosing the extent of a health issue and hence aids in the development of health interventions. Assessment helps in accumulating information on the status of a public health problem within a community using approaches such a statistics, epidemiologic studies etc.
• Policy Development: This is required to address the health needs of a community and develop policies that would eventually govern public health. This also helps in developing collaborations between the public and public health agencies. Policy development also helps in prioritizing the health needs by ranking them with regards to the magnitude of the issue thereby developing appropriate plans to control the public health problems.
• Assurance: It ensures a capable workforce that could prioritize the community needs and implement appropriate programs. Such workforce would evaluate the efficacy of the programs and make sure that the policies developed have been enforced. It’s also a process of educating the community about the available resources and policies catering to the health needs of the public.

2) Market Justice emphasizes that an individual is responsible for their own health and that they’re not obligated to the common good. Benefits can be reaped only based on an individual’s ability to afford healthcare. It believes that access…

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