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Recently, a text file was discovered on the root of a drive on a server that had been added to the server by a third party. File contained text indicating the group possibly responsible. This incident was reported immediately to the IT supervisor by IT staff on duty. While the incident is being handled currently, this has raised awareness to potential vulnerabilities within the system that will need to be addressed. It is being recommended that the solution is to conduct a penetration test and to perform a vulnerability assessment on the agency 's network. After careful review, the following three tools have been selected as the top candidates for use within the police department Core Impact Pro, Metasploit Pro, and Cobalt Strike.
Recommended Tools
Tool 1 - Core Impact Pro
Core Impact Pro provides a comprehensive scope of testing. The software is capable of testing across network vectors across the physical network, web, mobile, and wireless. The software can be used to validate patching status of network assets. The software can be used to provide what-if attack scenarios, that would allow the agency to understand how data or systems may be compromised in an attack. Core Impact is designed to perform tests quickly, and has several wizards to use in configuring tests. This would be good for individuals who may be familiar with IT but are new to vulnerability assessments or penetration tests.
This software has several strengths that should be taken into…
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