Core Learning Outcomes Analysis

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Fayetteville State University believes in providing the resources for a quality education but also emphasizes what it takes to utilize what one learns inside the classroom and execute it into the workforce. FSU has listed eight Core Learning Outcomes which aid in giving students the advantage they need to compete for their desired careers as well earn a degree. FSU also participates in the CLA+ or the Collegiate Learning Assessment which helps measure how well students apply their Core Learning Outcomes.
As previously stated, CLOs are defined as Core learning Outcomes which aid in making sure college students are more successful when it comes to apply the skills they learned and executing such skills in their desired work force.It is important to have CLOs because the critical, communication, problem solving, and comprehension skills that individuals gain from CLOs result in the advantage to persons when finding a career and maintaining a career too. FSU has 8 CLOs. The Core Learning Outcomes include: transitional studies, communication skills, reasoning skills, information literacy, scientific literacy, humanities and creative arts, global literacy, and ethics and civic engagement. Such goals show that FSU values worth ethic and making sure that its students not only have a
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It is crucial that students try their best on the CLA+ because it outlines how well you succeed on the values most employers desire out of future employees.Students can ensure they do their best, by analyzing their strengths and weakness of the CLOs and working on their weakness to help them score well on the CLA+.
Depending on how serious one is about being successful, the advantage of executing the Core Learning Outcome goals and being assessed on how well you execute such goals can help further one in their academic and career
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