Core Sample and Arctic Environment

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Question 1 A) i) • A traditional Ivory ring and pin game • A polar bear approaching Willem Barent’s men, • Magnetic dip circle • Ice core sampling • The area of sea ice minimum from 1979-2008. ii) [pic] iii) Ice Core sampling: Ice core samples can be analysed and result can help scientist build a picture of climatic effects upon our environment Engraving – A Polar bear approaching Willem Barent’s men: The arctic has had a long history with exploration and exploitation, from early European explorers in the 16th century to this day tensions regarding sovereignty of the arctic regional still exists. The area of sea ice minimum from 1979-2008:…show more content…
When tectonic plates move around on the earth molten core they are pushed apart in some places but also collide in other places, this is know as subduction and occurs at the destructive margin where one plate descends as the other is pushed upwards, forming mountain ranges. The descending plate add ‘pull’ to the ‘push’ at the constructive margin, forcing molten material to the top of the earths crust. Question 3 A) Climate change feedback is where the output adds to the input creating the output, or the result adding to the cause of the result or process. Climate change could be seen as the ‘speeding up’ of the process or input. The opposite of the ‘speeding up’ effect is the ‘slowing down’ effect, known as a negative feedback loop. Populations are a good example of a feedback loop, when a population has lots of food the population expands or speeds up, when a population becomes too big to maintain itself with food
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