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My Core Values: Honesty, Prayer, Bible, and Evangelism Most people and organizations have their own core values; for example, one of Apple’s core values according to Tim Cook Apple’s CEO is simple, not the complex (Apple core values, n.d.). Martin Luther King’s core values was that his children live in a colorblind society (Garris, 2006). Core values play a great role for organizations to achieve their mutual goal. Therefore, to become a good leader, leaders must know what their core values are. Liard (2013) defines value as “enduring beliefs and feelings about what is preferable. Values often influence our thoughts and actions” (LDRS 320, Fall). Organizations can develop and grow through their core values. Core values help…show more content…
I am a Christian and pastor, so I try to think everything from Christianity perspective. “What would Jesus do?” is the guideline of my life. Therefore, honesty, prayer, the Bible, and evangelism are core values of my life, which can make God pleased. Honesty is very important for relationship with other and God. Prayer and the Bible guide me to go the way that God wants. I should live for evangelism because it is God’s vision. What God wants the most is that all of sinners come back to Him. He sent His only son for sinners. Therefore, I should preach the gospel to people. Lectures and books based on Christianity perspective are very helpful for guiding my decision making. Hill (2008) describes three ethics that God has: holiness, justice, and love. These three core elements guide people to make better decision. Thus, the core elements influence my core values. Honesty one of my core values needs holiness. To be honest before God, holiness is crucial. Moreover, love is essential to preach the gospel to people, because I cannot evangelize without love. As I mentioned, my core values are honesty, prayer, bible, and evangelism. First, I always try to be honest with others, myself, and God, but I think that being honest before God is the most important. It is easier for people to be honest with others, but it is very difficult to be before God because He knows even

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