Core Values And The War On Terror

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Core Values and the War on Terror
As I think back to the many military leaders who have taken the world stage. Not many leaders standout that have inspired or influence soldiers. Many have tried to put an end to the war on terror but have failed. The face of terror was first Al Qaeda when Osama bin Laden was relevant. Now the face on terror has a new name it 's called ISIS. Everyone who was old enough to remember remembers exactly where he or she was when the two planes hit the twin towers in New York City. Although it has been 15 years most still vividly remembered by those were old enough exactly where they and what they were doing when terror struck US soil. The television kept playing the countless images over and over of two planes in the two towers and the two towers falling.
The world was in shock about the attack on the United States. Other countries had been subject to attacks but this one was the first time on US soil and it killed several thousand civilians and destroyed many infrastructures and put the mind of terror on many people around the globe. The world wanted redemption for what had just happened. Everyone was scrambling to find out who had perpetrated these attacks. The face of terror came in the form of a terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda a militant Islamic extremist group. During this time two military leaders emerged, the first was retired general and the Secretary of State Colin Powell and the other was General Tommy Franks.
General Franks…

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