Core Values : Reward Offered Essay

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It was the rock n’ rollin’ decade of post-war prosperity. Anything spring to mind? You guessed it…the 50s. However, regardless of the joy of a newly reclaimed pre-war lifestyle, the folk of this era maintained integrity, resilience, respect and commitment. Fast forward 60 years to the Peter Pan generation of today, where these values appear to have alarmingly diminished. Georgia Milfull explores the apathetic, egocentric society of today. After starting my first job last year, I have to admit, I’ve often struggled. Trying to uphold a social and family life while working both days every weekend, all while attempting to maintain high grades at school, is tough. It’s a mouthful to say, let alone do! But I’ve not once given up because I refuse to let myself, or anyone else down. I’m committed.
Many of my contemporaries, on the other hand, resemble a posse of wild Bridget Joneses. They’re not only uncommitted to their work lives, but shamelessly change boyfriends like they change clothes.
I often question whether I belong in their conversations and at their weekly parties. I have reached the conclusion that I don’t.
I’d prefer a simpler time, where your word meant your word…a time like the 1950s. A dependable, understanding and resilient society. Not the hedonistic society of today.
The classic, middle class family of the 1950s sitcom Father Knows Best, is a perfect example of where I belong. The head of the Warren clan, Jim, was
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