Core Vs. Sociological Theory

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Midterm Essay: Core Figures in Sociological Theory
What is the meaning of life? Ah, a question that has pondered the mind of an individual for eons and eons. In a feudal society, it was common to turn to faith and religion to answer such question. Eventually, man became hungry for evidence and truth, thus the Enlightenment was born.
The Enlightenment was a period of remarkable intellectual development that occurred in Europe during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The Enlightenment criticized the feudal ideologies of faith and tradition by fusing rationalism and empiricism. The goal or premise of the Enlightenment was the idea that humans are infinitely perfectible and the way society is structured is what keeps us back from trying to advance, move forward and perfect ourselves. Therefore, by using reason and and empirical observation to observe society, we are able to fix society that way humans can perfect themselves. This belief affected every aspect of life and a new attitude was forming, a new method of thought. Science and Sociology kindled its way in the Enlightenment period, and there was a shift in the way things were done in matters such as religion, politics and economics.
The Industrial revolution is a key event that came into existence because of the Enlightenment. The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century in England and turned Europe from a predominately agriculture society to an industrial society. It was a period where…
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