Corinth : An Important Part Of The Crossroads During The Civil War

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Corinth was an important part of the Crossroads during the civil war. Corinth was in the middle of two railroads which was Tennessee and Mississippi River. Corinth has grown in size and economy because of the railroad transportation. Every since the Crossroads Corinth seem important. Crossroads and railroads grew more and more important.Corinth was located in the middle two railroads between Tennessee and Mississippi River. The first railroad war was held by Corinth. It was important during the Civil War. Corinth had most of the supplies. They depended on the people who had lost communication and goods. All the sources explains the importance of the railroads. It also tells how important Corinth was and how it grew with the help of the railroads. “Corinth:A Case Study of the Influence of Railroads in the Civil War.Kevin Dougherty” was how the railroads influenced the railroads in the war. “Richmond and Corinth are now the great strategical points of the war, and our success at these points should be insured at all hazards.”Federal General Henry W. Halleck, May 25, 1862 . Corinth was a great strategical because they brought in goods. The main reason for Corinth’s military importance was because two major railroads, the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, running east and west, and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, running north and south, crossed in its downtown. The relatively new transportation technologies, steamboats and railroads, revolutionized the art of war. These two

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