Cork Game Strategy

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On January 19, Mr. Courtney's students would take a classroom game to the next level. We usually play the the game where you spell a word or try and shoot a cork at a target. That game changed to just shooting the cork, but trying to find the best way to shoot it. We were posed with the question, what is the best way to configure your hand and rubber band to shoot the cork at a target eight feet away. There were few materials needed to conduct this experiment. All we used was, a cork, rubber band, and a target. The cork was two inches high. The rubber band was three inches long without being stretched. Last the target was about six feet above the ground. All these materials were constants. This makes the experiment less complex. The only variable would be how each person shot the cork. The next day everyone in the class was put into groups and we were all told to just practice shooting the cork without collecting any data. After that we all compared the best configurations we used within our own groups. Each group…show more content…
As I predicted out of the two my group tested holding your left hand like and L and shooting the cork vertically was the best way so far. We made a table shown on the right, displaying the preliminary round data. The X's represent the misses and the H's represent the hits. On the last day, we came together as a class to test the four best configurations from the four groups. Each group sent a representative that hit the target the most times with the groups most effective configuration. Then in the final round each contestant had four try's to hit the target for each of the four configurations, one configuration per group. The tables shown on the right, are the data for the final round. Each contestant has a chart. The boxes that have a H in them represent when the target was hit for what try out of four, and what configuration out of
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