Cork Industry, the Wine Industry and the Need for Closure – Chapter 6

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1 To what extent is the cork industry guilty of complacency and a lack of innovation? The cork industry is guilty of complacency and lack of innovation because they failed to recognize the changes in the wine industry. The wine industry was experiencing a revolution where new producers from Australia, California and Chile had new and different requirements. It took only a matter of years for the industry to change completely and the cork industry did not jump on the band wagon when it needed to. It allows the competition to get the edge. 2 If consumers love corks, why are the producers not providing what their customers want? The reason being is because the wine industry has changed significantly over the past twenty years. The…show more content…
5 What level of R&D investment would be required to help the industry diversify and develop new opportunities for its materials? According to our text, because the cork forests are facing environmental stress, it would require high levels of R&D investment to open new opportunities for cork materials. When referring to new opportunities it would be new items, such as, floor and wall coverings, coasters, cork board sheets, etc. A high level of R&D can guarantee some sort of sustainability for the cork industry and also remove TCA. By doing this, this can ensure growth in the company. 6 What portfolio of R&D projects would you establish for the cork industry? I would try to find different things to use the cork rather than focusing on just wines. Expand in other areas to increase production and focus and emphasis on how it is environmentally friendly. Market on the go green and save the endanger species. 7 What role have the wine buyers (end users and others in the supply chain) played in contributing to the fall in demand for cork as a closure? Since we live in a fast pace life consumers tend to want thing immediately and do not want to wait for things such as delivery time and like to purchase items in bulk and have a variety of items to choose from. As a result supermarkets meet the demands by stocking up with large quantities and array of assorted products. There is a larger selection of wines to choose

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