Cornel Mba. In A Concise Statement, Tell Us Why You Are

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Cornel MBA In a concise statement, tell us why you are seeking an MBA. Specifically, what are your short and long-term career goals? And, how will an MBA earned through an Executive MBA program at Cornell University help you achieve your goals? (400 words) The Executive MBA program at Cornell University was suggested to me by my husband as we have been discussing my need for managing my own business and a career change. The weekend structure of the classes works perfectly with my busy schedule as a career woman, wife and mother to a toddler. The 17-month completion time is also attractive because I can get into a new role sooner than the traditional two years. Finally having interactive boardroom meetings right here in Houston is…show more content…
Include two examples of situations that helped you develop your style. One example should be a positive situation that helped to shape or reaffirm it. The other example should be a situation with an unsuccessful outcome that led you to change or redefine that style.(400 words) A servant leader is one who leads by example. I describe myself as a servant leader because I like to be in the work with the people I lead. Leading by example has helped me be a more successful leader with a loyal following because they believe I have their best interest at heart. This type of leadership helped me to successfully move the needle of success for my high school boarding house, where I was the house prefect. When used in the workplace in recent years, I learned that to prevent burnout I had to delegate and not necessarily do everything with the team. Being the Kingsley house prefect of over one hundred teenage girls came with many challenges since I was a teen myself. My role was to manage the work schedule for the maintenance of the house, coordinate a team of nine team leads to monitor the daily schedules, prepare for inter-house competitions; including sports, gardening, cleaning and much more. My biggest challenge was to get the seniors involved. The trend in past years was for lower classmen to do all the work,

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