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Table of Contents
1)According to the Maori site(Marie), there are Where Hui rules. 4
Another New Zealand culture 4
During the karanga eyes are should be downcast 5
Functions of Agenda: 5
A) Identify the intention of the meeting: 6
B) Prepare and allocate an agenda: 6
c) Follow up afterward the meeting: 7
D) Effective procedure tips: 7
4. Records: 7
5 Glossary: 7
Bibliography 8

Formal Meeting Guide for TWO NZ Cultures

Maori culture 1. Introduction: Maori culture is culture of Maori of New Zealand. The Maori culture is part of New Zealand culture. It’s totally different culture for us. The present culture of the Maori has been strongly influenced by western European culture. Maori language and there dressing sense is very different. It is important to understand the role of Maori culture in a present business environment. Maoris ' lifestyle is unique society of New Zealand. By nature they are welcoming and regard the other society. They respect the people by shaking handshake and smile or make real friend. They have their own particular customary administration for handling the
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