Cornell Mission Statement

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As the eldest son of first generation immigrants, the stimulus to create an elitist academic attitude was prevalent even in the games I played as a child. My first encounter with business began with Reader Rabbit, a cartoon hare that brought me along with him on his journey through Wordville. Together, we stumbled upon a sandwich shop, posed with the dilemma of making change for a customer. My mother guided me through the steps, defined the denominations of each coin, and explained the simple arithmetic involved in the purchase of a sandwich. Reader Rabbit and I visited the shop many more times over the course of our adventure, developing my love for business management at a young age.
The Charles Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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The values of Cornell are strikingly similar to the founding principles of Taekwondo. I volunteer over two hours every day as a kyo-sa-nim, the Korean title bestowed upon an Instructor. One of my responsibilities is to show new students how to properly enter the dojang: first standing at attention at the doorway, saluting to the flag of our country, and executing a three-second bow, the traditional gesture of respect. A simple enough task, I find this routine extremely…show more content…
At CALS, I will be sure to make use of the vast amount of resources on campus to further not only my academic, but artistic endeavors. Home to over twenty libraries, there will be virtually no limit to advance my education and satisfy the appetite of my academic fervor. In addition, Lincoln Hall will allow me to share my love of music with my peers. As the current tenor section leader of the Stuyvesant Chorus, I am confident that being afforded the opportunity to sing with the brightest minds in the nation will give rise to a new era of harmonious
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