Cornell University: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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As a young child I had always been fascinated with animals and taking care of their special needs. My love for animals has carried with me throughout my childhood and into my high school years. Veterinarians are one of many types of doctors that save lives every day. As a vet or ASPCA member, you care for many different types of animals and their needs. Many animals have special needs, life altering needs, and restrictions. I will be dealing with many different animals and situations and am in need of a degree in pre-veterinary or animal behavior courses. Since I would like to stay considerably close to my hometown, I am considering Cornell University, Bucknell University, and Akron University. Cornell University is my first choice for veterinary school. Cornell has an exceptional veterinary program. Also, it is part of the Ivy League and includes a Division 1 softball program. This university is located three and a half hours away in Ithaca, New York. It is a considerably great distance away from home for me. As for tuition, there is a nonrefundable application fee of $95. The approximate cost of tuition and fees for attending Cornell is about $50,000, however, with additional fees for dining and supplies the total comes near to $70,000. While the price for…show more content…
This university is an exceptional school as well. It is part of the Patriot League and has a Division 1 softball program, also. Bucknell is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. From St. Mary's to Lewisburg it is roughly a two and a half hour drive. The distance from home to Bucknell is still minute and acceptably distant. For this college there is a non-refundable application fee of $40. In-state tuition for Bucknell University is around $50,000. In total all additional fees and tuition combined the result is an average of $65,000. This educational institution is in a fairly small town with limited perks, but it has a beautiful Greek style
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