Cornerstone Family Violence

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Sexual Violence Prevention Guide for Cornerstone Family Healthcare Sexual harassment is a concern in any workplace environment. As a result there are many policies and precautions that are put into place by employers to ensure that both the employee and company are protected. Sexual harassment can be defined as: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, gestures, statements, or physical conduct or other non-verbal behavior of a sexual nature. For Cornerstone Family Healthcare there are policies, compliance officers, anonymous hotlines, and reporting procedures implemented for the safety of all. It is the policy of Cornerstone Family Healthcare that it will not tolerate verbal or physical misconduct by any employee which harasses,…show more content…
The employee should tell the person that the behavior is unwelcome and contact their immediate supervisor and the Director of Human Resources. An investigation will take place and appropriate actions will take place based on the findings of the investigation. As per Cornerstone, if the supervisor is involved in the complaint, the employee should report the incident to the Director of Human Resources only. If it is determined through the investigation that an act of harassment took place, Cornerstone reserves the right to take disciplinary action, including immediate termination of employment. If the investigation concludes that no harassment took place, no retaliation will take place with the employee filing the report, as long as the report was made in good faith. If it is determined that the employee knowingly made a false report, they will be subject to disciplinary action, including immediate termination of…show more content…
The company aims to raise awareness about sexual/domestic violence and available resources, as well as educate members of the healthcare community about the critical importance of assessing for domestic violence. For example the company hosts what is called The Safe Homes Clothesline Project in partnership with Safe Homes and Orange County’s agency for prevention of domestic violence and support for victims of violence. The project is a tribute to women and girls in Orange County that have experienced domestic and sexual violence. Over the generations the clothesline has been where information has been exchanged, a place where women might gather quietly and hopefully safely, to share the news of their households and sometimes their hidden secrets with their neighbors and
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