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Corning Glass Company is an old company founded in the US, specifically in Massachusetts that manufactured glass, ceramic, and related materials usually on an order basis, which means it did not had a determined market other than satisfying particular demands from its customers and taking opportunities manufacturing Original Equipment for larger companies. Corning Glass was established in Corning, New York in the mid 1800s. Corning Glass’s operations were in Corning but as the company grew they opened plants and sales offices throughout the country. By 1968, most of their 40 plants were located east of the Mississippi River. Most of them were headquarters but two of their major divisions were in Corning. (Beer, M. 1983) The Electronic…show more content…
For that and other reasons they started to reduce personal and expenses sharply, and problems between departments were everywhere. Each department had something to claim about the others; the lack of communication, confident and trust became the main reason of the uncomfortable situation. The business continued to be very competitive, morale was low and there were conflicts between workers and departments. The organization was not pulling things together and the lack of coordination was affecting their ability to develop new products. (Beer, M. 1983) One of the most complicated issues was in the Marketing department, but they were not the only ones with some difficulties. Sales blamed finance of the lack of information about the goals, manufacturing blamed sales of giving their products away at too low prices and marketing of not planning correctly in order to obtain the highest profits possible. There were rumors everywhere, some people said that Product Development’s priorities were wrong and their projects were always late, but at the same time Marketing was irritated about the lack of collaboration and the negative attitude form Manufacturing. Every department was in chaos during those days and Mr. Joe Bennett had the responsibility to fix it. (Beer, M. 1983) This crisis was mainly generated from the following causes: • Low Quality Management: Joe Bennett redesigned the whole company, by changing the structure, relocating the headquarters and

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