Cornudet: Franco-Prussian War

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Cornudet represented the actions of democrats during the Franco-Prussian war. He created many defenses for his town, however, when the Prussians arrived he fled to another town. “He had had pits dug in the level country, young forest trees felled, and traps set on all the roads; then at the approach of the enemy… He thought he might now do more good at Havre, where new entrenchments would soon be necessary.” (Maupassant 10) These actions represent the democrats of nineteenth century France acting like they are resisting the invaders when they actually ran away and abandoned the people. People seeking power often deceive others to abstain it. Cornudet pursued power and wanted the support of the people. He was viewed as patriotic and voiced opposition toward the invading Germans.…show more content…
Cornudet however, did nothing help Elisabeth even as he chastised the others for their abuse of her. "I tell you all, you have done an infamous thing!"(Maupassant 23) Time and again people will be quick to point out the faults of others and claim propagate virtuous ideals. When in actuality they do nothing to help and only seek to defame others. Cornudet displays many views toward democrats of the time. His action creates a connection between his actions and those of democrats of the time. A group acting patriotic and determined but yield in the face of the opposition. Willing to pretend as if they are the will of the people for their own benefit. This depicts an indication that groups declaring themselves moral and upright may not be. Elisabeth Rousset was a courtesan and a French patriot. She is used to represent the French lower class During the Franco-Prussian war. “I saw these Prussians it was too much for me! My blood boiled with rage.” (Maupassant 16) In times of war many people regard hostile countries with anger. This anger can lead to conflicts between themselves and the
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