Coronary CTA Response Paper

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Register to read the introduction…The use of coronary CTA is not without risks. The patient safety issues involving coronary CTA are related to radiation exposure, administration of IV contrast material, and ?-blocker and nitrate administration (Weinreb et al., 2005). Coronary CTA represents a source of ionizing radiation from medical exposure. A cross-sectional, international, multicenter, observational study revealed that radiation dosage from a clinically justified single coronary CTA procedure is not something that should be considered as significant risk, but when coronary CTA is to be repeated number of times or when there is lack of clinical justification, the radiation risk is an important issue to consider as benefit-risk ratio may not be weighted towards benefit to the patient (Hausleiter et al.,…show more content…
Facilities, performing coronary CTA, should develop and adhere to evidence based coronary CTA protocols for optimal, high quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care. A comprehensive review of the literature was performed using CINAHL, PubMed, MEDLINE, and Medscape search engines, and with the terms ?coronary CTA?, ?protocols?, ?guidelines?, ?radiation?, ?contrast?, ?beta-blockers?, and ?radiology nursing?. Local problem Currently at Northeast Methodist Hospital (NEMH), the coordination of care of patients having outpatient coronary CTA is fragmented. At least one known patient experienced bleeding from the IV site and near syncopal episode within 10 minutes post discharge from the radiology department, which required a return to the facility for treatment. Inconsistencies in the current pre-, intra-, and post-procedure care of the patient, and risks associated, have been identified. The lack of an evidence based coronary CTA protocol within the facility contributes to the fragmented care. Intended

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