Coronary Heart Disease Analysis

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Coronary heart disease is having a significant impact on the health of individuals in Australia and a burden of disease costing the public health system millions. CHD is associated with being preventable based on corrections to lifestyle behaviours like a balance diet, social support, and policy making. This essay will discuss coronary heart disease and the effect it has on public health awareness. The essay will begin by discussing the magnitude of coronary heart disease death worldwide and in Australia. It will then explain the individual determinants effect coronary heart disease. It will then explain how coronary heart disease can have significant effects on social support and psychological outcomes. The essay will then turn
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The main culprit foods are those that are high in salt, trans and, saturated fats that are clogging arteries. According, to a cross sectional survey by Australia’s health in-brief, only 5 in 100 people eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables which are between 2-5(6) for men and women; (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare , 2016). The alarming statistic represents an aspect of potentially developing heart disease, from a neglected diet and highlights a need to inform individuals of possible outcomes based on these habits.
The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggests that grains, lean meats, diary, and unsaturated discretionary choices should be measured in the same method of fruit and vegetables, constituting a balanced diet; (National Health and Medical Research Council , 2013). With best practice evidence to help individuals implement guided diet plans to prevent coronary heart disease, the presence of other factors actively contributes to the implementation of these recommended
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In 2012, 31% of global deaths were lost to coronary heart disease and 64,891 potential years lost in just one year in Australia. Finally, the study highlights key individual, social and environmental determinants to overcoming the public health issue that is coronary heart disease. It accumulates findings that require a significant level of policy making input, education, and awareness of lifestyle behaviours that effect health and greater need to prevent
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